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Reviews :


Here is a collection of reviews of Danielles' work.


Ballroom 2017


"One of the two younger performers, Danielle Morris as Ballroom Singer Marlene delivers “Dreams” to a level that deserves a single release, and is a young performer to watch for sure. Doubling as Bea’s daughter Diane and paired with Ballroom Singer counterpart Nathan (Adam Anderson) – himself doubling as Bea’s son David – the duo too are quite a team – “One By One” another particularly successful song delivery."


"The entire cast are obviously having a ball, especially Danielle Morris - acing the cheesy cabaret singer moves and grins."

Babes In Arms 2009


"Danielle Morris was wonderful as his girlfriend Billie Smith. Danielle has a lovely smoky voice and sinuous manner that lent great value to her solos, My Funny Valentine and The Lady is a Tramp. These were very well rendered and much in the style of the time."



Kiss Me Kate 2014


"Inevitably the role of Lilli/Kate is imperative to the success of this show, and while Sabrina Carter is indisposed due to illness for several performances, in true 42nd Street fashion Danielle Morris valiantly steps out of the chorus to play musical theatre’s most volatile leading lady with passion, wit and a rollicking soprano belt."



Cream: A Musical Revue 2017


"Danielle Morris is warmly versatile, flitting with aplomb from hammed up disdain to simpering lover and from twirling dance to stillness, all done with a good repertoire of accents."


"Danielle Morris is a skilled actress with a lovely voice that she uses well."

Bluebirds 2011


"However, the emotional heart of the story uncovers Daisy’s past, brought to life by the enchanting Danielle Morris. Morris encapsulates disenchantment with the era tempered with an underlying emotional rawness that goes some way to grounding the production."



Once Upon a Mattress 2012



"There was also lovely, completely unnecessary showoff moments - in a “Nightingale Lullaby” I was sure was originally written for Yma Sumac and performed with a similar degree of coloratura kabang by Danielle Morris."

Where is Peter Rabbit 2016



"The cast is well marshalled, with some winning energy from Danielle Morris in particular."

One Touch of Venus 2013


"The play is at its best during wonderfully absurdist numbers - special mention must go to a devoted but dry-humoured secretary Molly (Danielle Morris), who lights up the stage throughout the performance, but especially shine during these stranger moments."


"Standouts among a terrific ensemble include Danielle Morris enjoying the dialogue of hardboiled secretary Molly"





City of Angels 2007



"I loved watching this - it was a very enjoyable portrayal from Danielle. Her performance made me sit up and take account! I loved her singing ‘You can always count on me’ . She has a lovely voice and terrific style. She has good facial expression and has good body language. This was a competent, confident and punchy performance which I shall remember for a long time. Thank you Danielle and good luck in the future . We shall wait to see your name up in lights!"

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