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So here's a few shows I have been to see this month...

I started off with The Pajama Game at the Shaftesbury Theatre. I saw the show when it was in Chichester and loved it so much I decided to grab a day seat (great seats for only £20). This show seriously puts a smile on your face! Trust me if you go and see this show you will tap your feet along, fall in love with Micheal Xavier(s voice...that's all I fell in love with...I didn't go home and look up images and videos of him - honest!) and be in awe of the powerhouse that is Joanna Riding - she is just brilliant in everything (even Stephen Ward!) Go and see this show before it closes in September for great fun, wonderful choreography, and a jolly good night out!

I then got to return to Chichester to see Amadeus starring Rupert Everett. Now many people who know me know Chichester holds a special place in my heart as it was my first professional job, and I always try and watch the shows they out in every season! (I may not get to see one show this year but for very good reasons!!!) I loved the film of Amadeus and I also loved the play - of course Rupert was brilliant as Salieri but the standout performance was Joshua McGuire - he was so irritating as Mozart but so moving towards the end - perfect casting by Louis Hammond there! If you can nab a ticket for the last few shows try to - if not let's keep our fingers crossed for a London transfer!!!

Finally I managed to get a (ridiculously) cheap ticket to see Brasil Brasileiro at Sadlers Wells - a song and dance spectacular celebrating the country of Brazil for something other than football! It was full of Samba beats and shaking hips and by the end I couldn't help but wish for a carnival to pass me by so I could join in. Highlights included the Capoeira dancers, the Lambada, and anything that Yolanda Reis or Elaine Lucia were in! My favourite piece was the Brazilian Malamdro - dressed in a white suit and panama hat Renato Sorriso could shake the whole country down if he wanted to! I must admit there were too many songs that didn't add much buzz and excitement, but the dances were hot hot hot!

So that was my Stagey July - bring on August!

#theatre #review #amadeus #brasilbrasileiro #pajamagame #chichester #dance

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