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Theatre 'Oop North'

So I have an extremely talented friend Evelyn Hoskins, and she is about to finish a new musical in Scarborough so before it closed I wanted to go and see it! It is called The Boy Who Fell Into A Book and its about a 10 year old boy (played by my friend Evelyn who is most definitely a girl!) and he loves reading so much that he falls into his bookshelf of reading material and becomes part of the world of Rockfist Slim (played excellently by Nicolas Colicos). It is a musical aimed at kids but I loved it (maybe that says something about me huh?!). The piece was really wonderful, imaginitve, fun and a joy to watch and Sir Alan Ayckbourns' direction was slick and interesting. Of course I'm biased but everyone was great but Evelyn was the best :) and if you can't make this show then do try to see Evelyn in This is my Family - it is touring this Autumn and it really is a lovely show - and then you can see Evelyn playing a 13 year old girl!

I also have been gearing up ready to start rehearsals for Gypsy next week and I must say I'm EXTREMELY excited!!!

ps a large glass of wine in Scarborough was £3.35 - lets all go there instantly!

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