First Day Of School!!!!


So today marked the first day of rehearsals for Gypsy and it already looks like a great show! I say it looks like one because we got to see the set designs and costume designs and it will look AMAZING!

Everyone seems lovely and of course there are some famous faces in the cast so it seems a little surreal when you sit next to someone who is more familiar on your TV screen then in the chair next to you!!!

Gypsy has such an amazing score by Stephen Sondheim and Jule Styne - the overture in my opinion is one of THE most iconic and spine tingling that I am sure I will cry when I hear it! The script is the story of (lets be honest a crazy stage mom) Rose and her daughters with Imelda Staunton playing Rose...I have a strong feeling its gonna be goooood!

Chichester shows always sell well so I will say to anyone reading my little blog...BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!

#chichester #gypsy #rehearsals #imeldastaunton

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