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Rose's Turn to Leave

After what I can honestly say has been one of the most inspiring, exciting, and happy times of my life Gypsy has come to an end... :( So what have I learnt...

* Chichester is such a lovely place to live - I worked there in 2011 and loved it then but this time round I really didn't want to leave the town! It's filled with charm and character, and the people that live there are so supportive of the theatre and have helped fund the redevelopment of the theatre too - thats dedication! I would love to live there eventually!

* I am so lucky to do a job I love everyday - its just reconfirmed that I want to do this for the rest of my life. I don't mean I have thought about quitting or anything, but it is hard to stay positive in the quiet periods career wise but if ever I worry about it I can just remember this feeling I have from doing Gypsy.

* Everyone can learn no matter how experienced/unexperienced/young/old you are. I learnt so much from watching the rehearsal process and how people at the top of their game worked, but equally they learnt from us - maybe little things but still they wanted ot learn too which is great to see.

* People are nice...even if they are super famous they are still really nice! Imelda, Kevin, Lara all the cast, Stephen Sondheim, Emma Thompson, Jim Carter, Jim many people I got to meet and they were all lovely!

* Theatre is magical.

Anyway...unemployment looms...time to get back to selling some tea!

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